Network Switch Replacement and Implementation Activity -

Network Switch Replacement and Implementation Activity

Value Delivered

FutureBlox successfully executed the Network Switch Replacement and Implementation activity in the client’s Datacenter, delivering enhanced network performance, minimized downtime, and ensured scalability for future growth.


  • Upgrade network switches to state-of-the-art models.
  • Improve network performance to meet current and future business needs.
  • Minimize downtime and disruptions during implementation.
  • Ensure scalability for accommodating future growth.


Presented a comprehensive action plan, including an activity schedule, prerequisites, power-down and switch replacement procedures, power-on procedures, and a detailed post-implementation check report with a contingency roll-back plan.


Conducted a thorough prerequisite check, examining server backups, testing iLO and iDRAC details, validating completion of jobs and backups in critical applications, and confirming hardware requirements.

Power Down and Switch Replacement

  • Power down non-critical VMs, followed by critical VMs and domain controllers.
  • Place cluster hosts in maintenance mode and shut down sequentially.
  • Simultaneously shut down both Storage controllers in the SAN.
  • Sequentially shut down the two Physical Backup servers.
  • Rack and mount new switches.
  • Tag, unplug, and connect cables from existing switch to new switch.

Power On Activity

  • Initiate power-up in reverse sequence through iLO/iDRAC access.
  • Methodically power on devices in reverse order, verifying their operational status.

Post Implementation Check

Conducted a comprehensive check to ensure the operational status of all devices and servers. Rigorous verification procedures included testing core banking applications and other critical software, along with a thorough assessment of device statuses.

Rollback Plan

In the event of issues, disconnect the new switch, unplug the network cable, and revert to the old switch by connecting it and restoring the network cable to its original position.

Impact / Outcome

  • Successful execution of the activity with confirmed functionality of all components.
  • Thorough prerequisite and post-implementation check preemptively addressed potential challenges.
  • Client received regular updates, and monitoring services ensured a week-long observation before a conclusive evaluation.
  • Infrastructure team meticulously verified seamless operation of all network devices and virtual machines, conducting a thorough health and connectivity check post-activity.